You love programming? You like Kotlin? You want to get involved into the future of Java and JavaScript? You want to get into the mobile app developer scene of Graz?
Join the Kotlin 1.1 Meetup & Release Party in the Office of Studo – Die App für dein Studium, organised in cooperation with JetBrains.

Place: Moshbit GmbH – Opernring 16 – 8010 Graz (entry via Tummelplatz 7)
When: 23.3.2017  18:30 – 21:30

Free registration via Eventbrite or Facebook


18:30 – Arrivals, Meet and greet with Beer, Wine and Club-Mate (will be provided).

19:00 – Andrey Breslav’s (lead Kotlin developer) demo presentation (30 minutes, live stream on YouTube).

19:30 – 30 minutes feature voting on Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3 language features. A voting feature kit is provided, the results are shared with the Kotlin team on Twitter.

20:00 – Interactive Q&A session with the Kotlin team. (live stream).

20:45 – Drinks & Social

Q&A session rules

You can start tweeting your questions with the #kotlinQA hashtag on March 21 and until the end of the Q&A session (20:45).
Kotlin team representative will sort the questions out;
The team will answer the questions during the Q&A session live stream;
If some questions remain unanswered during the session, we will respond to them via Twitter;
During the session we will give special priority to frequent questions.

Future Features voting rules

The purpose of this survey is to gather the preferences and needs for language features from the community. You can have your say on features you want to see the most in some future versions of Kotlin. Please note it’s more likely that you won’t see those features in v1.2, but we will take your opinion into account when prioritizing our work.

The Kotlin Future Feature kit includes 20 cards with the names and descriptions of features, and stickers for bidding;
The feature cards will be put on a board;
Every attendee gets 3 (three) stickers that she/he can distribute freely among features: bid on up to three different features, or put two or even three bids on a single feature;
Attendees can read through the descriptions on the cards to learn about the features, and then proceed to bidding as described above;
A picture of the result will be shared with the Kotlin team on twitter with #kotlinevent.

Kotlin 1.1

Kotlin 1.1 was released on 1st March and this event will be a tie-in with the Kotlin development team at JetBrains.
The headline new features in Kotlin 1.1 include:

  • Coroutines – simplification of asynchronous programming using suspendible fibres.
  • JavaScript – compilation of Kotlin to JavaScript
  • Type Aliases – provide readable aliases for complex data & function types
  • lots more new features/syntactic sugar

More info here: