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Abschlussarbeit zum Thema Development of an Emission-Intelligent Traffic Light Assistant

AVL List GmbH, Graz
AVL’s Traffic Light Assistant (TLA) makes predictions of the surrounding traffic as well as the upcoming route, including traffic light Signal Phase And Time (SPAT) information, curvature and speed limits, to identify efficient speed trajectories in urban traffic with respect to energy consumption, driver comfortability and travel time. This is achieved using a Model Predictive Control (MPC) strategy which incorporates constraints over a receding horizon.


  • Extending Traffic Light Assistant functionality to reduce CO2 & RDE emissions. This includes:
    • Understanding of existing TLA functions including underlying control & optimization techniques.
    • Understanding of state of the art methods for modelling combustion emissions (CO2, RDE).
    • Deduction of requirements for an emission intelligent TLA.
    • Understanding of powertrain topologies and powertrain control systems.
  • Building & testing Simulation Models in MATLAB/Simulink, AVL Cruise, AVL BOOST & AVL VSM.
  • Conducting extensive literature research to elaborate modelling approaches for emission models.
  • Documenting & reporting project results.


  • Studies of Telematics, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Software Development, or similar


  • Experience in MATLAB/Simulink, knowledge & interest in Control Architectures & Software Development.
  • Basic understanding of passenger car powertrains, control systems & optimization techniques.
  • Interest in working in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Good command of English.

The successful completion of the thesis is remunerated with a one-time fee of EUR 2,500 before tax.

According to the Austrian Employment of Foreign Nationals Act it is unfortunately not possible to assign graduate work to third-country citizens (Non-EU citizens) and Croatian citizens who study at a university abroad.

Master- / Diplomarbeit
Entschädigung 2.500 € (brutto)
AVL List GmbH
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