Bachelor/Master Thesis about "Pyroless separation mechanisms" in Graz bei Magna
Master- / Diplomarbeit, Bachelorarbeit bei Magna

Bachelor/Master Thesis about "Pyroless separation mechanisms"

Magna, Graz

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This position is for our MAGNA STEYR Aerospace in Graz/Austria.

Specializing in aerospace projects and automotive spin-offs, MAGNA STEYR Aerospace has a strong focus on structures, mechanisms and cryogenic systems. In the fields of space engineering and manufacturing, the activities and products of MAGNA STEYR Aerospace include spacecraft systems, cryogenic feed lines for launcher propulsion systems (Ariane 5, Boeing SLS, …), aeronautical systems and many others. Throughout the past 20 years, MAGNA STEYR Aerospace contributed to different successful space missions, e.g. thermal louvres for the Rosetta mission, catching mechanism for Lisa Pathfinder, mechanisms for the ESA large deployable antenna Programme.

Job Description

Today, all missions with regards to spacecraft and rocketry, use a variety of different separation systems. The most classic example of such would be the mechanisms used to release satellites from the launch vehicle or launcher stage separation. Most prominent and most reliable mechanisms use pyrotechnical equipment such as pyro cutters or similar.

Due to the expansion of commercial space flight, the innovation with regards to smaller payloads is increasing rapidly. This innovations in combination with the variety of different and new launcher concepts creates the need for more sensitive separation mechanisms. With such technology, the number of elements and the loads on sensitive elements would decrease by a significant amount. As a result, the operator of such payloads would gain more freedom towards the design and choice of systems, which furthermore would help to increase future activities and missions.

Your Profile & Tasks

We are looking for students who are interested to work on the challenging tasks listed above together with our R&D Engineers in the frame of a master/bachelor thesis.

The project and thesis include a literature research of existing and potential solutions from other systems with regards to pyroless separation mechanisms as well as a concept design and analysis of an innovative separation mechanism principle without the need of pyrotechnical Equipment.

Our Offer

The remuneration for a master thesis is € 700,00 gross per month.

The remuneration for a bachelor thesis is € 450,00 gross per month.

If you are interested in taking this opportunity, to discover a different work environment and to be part of a team that is working on new technologies, please apply online.

Master- / Diplomarbeit, Bachelorarbeit
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